Monday, March 14, 2005

What You Pawn I Will Redeem

Short Story Half-Hour With Sherman Alexie, featuring "What You Pawn I Will Redeem".

Make a pot of coffee or tea, wrap up in a comfortable blanket, and read one of my favorite short stories.

"One day you have a home and the next you don’t, but I’m not going to tell you my particular reasons for being homeless, because it’s my secret story, and Indians have to work hard to keep secrets from hungry white folks.

I’m a Spokane Indian boy, an Interior Salish, and my people have lived within a hundred-mile radius of Spokane, Washington, for at least ten thousand years. I grew up in Spokane, moved to Seattle twenty-three years ago for college, flunked out after two semesters, worked various blue- and bluer-collar jobs, married two or three times, fathered two or three kids, and then went crazy."



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