Friday, July 22, 2005

The Basic Skills Caucasian American Workbook

Sometimes parody is much more effective than all the well-meaning lectures in the world. Found at

Beverly Slapin and Annie Esposito invite us to read the Basic Skills Caucasian American Workbook and 10 Little Whitepeople. The reviews are in, and the experts are impressed:

Slapin, Beverly, and Annie Esposito, Basic Skills Caucasian Americans Workbook.1994, b/w illustrations.

"Profound scholarship."
–John J. Knucklebones, Ph.D, The Sacred and the Profane: Studies in Ancient White Art

"Slapin and Esposito have caught the magic of the Caucasian. May their 'talking leaves' take you into the Caucasian world of mystery and beauty." –Doris M. Seale, Former Curator Emeritus, Museum of the American Caucasian

Slapin, Beverly, and Annie Esposito, 10 Little Whitepeople. 1995, b/w illustrations.

"[T]eachers looking for picture books that cut across the curriculum will find this a good way to combine a unit on Whitepeople with counting."

"Hurray! At long last primary school educators and lovers of children's literature have an accurate Caucasian American book written for primary children."
The Five Porcupines

I don't believe Slapin and Esposita mean to offend; I think they mean to enlighten. If these books sound ridiculous to you, then good. Similar books featuring Indians sound ridiculous to us.

These books are for sale at, along with others on how to look for bias against Indians in children's books.


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