Saturday, December 17, 2005

A Little Native America in your Stocking

It's that time of the year when, no matter your religious affiliation, you usually have a least one friend or family member to buy for. So if you are doing some last minute holiday shopping and have to give gifts, why not get them something a little different, something with a touch of Native America?

I've listed a few of my favorite places to shop below. By my knowledge, all are owned and operated by Natives. Ideas vary from hip hop and hoodies to Native teas and hot chilis, with some art, jewelry and other things you'd expect to find as well. This is a very small sampling of what's out there, so ask around your local cultural centers, search the web for Native-owned business and put some money back into Native America.

All Native - By far one of my favorite sites. The Ho-Chuck got it together. Here you'll find Native themed food and drink, gift baskets, soaps, t-shirts and all kinds of good things. The site is easy to get around and understand and they have a special section for Christmas cards, ornaments, and other holiday suggestions.

Litefoot and Native Style - Native-themed hip hop and clothing. They've got hoodies, baseball caps, bags and other goodies for the teens you know, or the teen you are at heart. And Litefoot, the artist and entrepeneur behind the brand, is talented behind the mic, so check out the music section, too.

Owned and Operated Indian Art Sites - has a list of Indian-owned Art sites. If you are going to purchase Indian arts and crafts, you should do it from Indians, don't you think? Look here for fine art gallery listings as well. - A great catalogue of Videos and DVDs. Everything from dance instruction to documentaries, stand-up comedians to NDN punk rock concerts. Plus they have books, music and all kinds of media to enjoy.


Blogger EhecatCalli said...

My name is Raul i live in Northern California near a little town called Modesto. I have been researching my ancestral history and knowledge for circa 5 years now, i am currently 20 yrs old. I am in constant search for Nican Tlaca (indigenous) brothers and sisters that are of the similar spiritual and cultural affinity. I was referred to this blog via a website the author of the website seems, in my best amateur judgement, a legitimate man of integrity and he mentioned your website. My reason for emailing you is in hopes of touching bases with the author of the aforementioned website if possible. Unless i missed it, which in all honesty is VERY POSSIBLE, his contact email is not on that website. I need to ask him some very relative questions about Aztec Religion. Please do respond to this i implore you. At least relay my questions.
1.) How should i go about getting more information about the actual PRACTICE of Aztec Religion?
2.) What are the names the four main Dieties/Manifestations in Aztec Religion?? Or are there more... i know Tezcatlipoca, Queztalcoatl, Huitzilopochtli, are three but is Tlaloc the other? And are the colors... Black, White, Blue, and Red color representations attributed to each respectively?
3.) What are the Nahuatl names of the Eagle and Jaguar warriors? I seen somewhere that Cuauhchique and Otonin are the correct names, but is that plural or singular form?
4.) Also, what are the appearances of the Aztec Warriors specfically? from Haircut to piercings, to tattoos, to apparel? What articles denoted station and merit?

Niyaotl Olin

4:28 AM  
Blogger EhecatCalli said...

Please email me back if you can help with me with my previous post... At

4:29 AM  
Blogger themarigoldtrail said...

Hi Raul

I've let Yehecatl at know about your interests.

thank for reading!

- themarigoldtrail

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