Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Urban Indians on the Radio

Native America Calling, a live one-hour call-in show talking about the goings on in Indian Country, will host a show about Urban Indians this Friday, March 25th. Here's the official blurb:

"According to the last census figures, approximately 60% of individuals who identify themselves either as Native American or Alaska Native reside off reservations and villages. Whatever the reason may be, many Natives choose to call cities like New York, Denver, Minneapolis or Los Angeles home. But wherever these Native people live, they face many of the same issues as Natives who live on their reservations. Now several Urban Indians across the country are organizing a group they hope will help address the issues of Urban Indians. Guests to be announced."

You can check to see if NAC plays in your area or you can listen to this show via the internet by going to

Click on the green button the left hand side that says "Listen to Live Radio".

The show airs live on Friday, March 25th form 1pm-2pm.


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