Monday, May 23, 2005

In the News

There is a lot going on in Indian Country these days and with my cross-country move underway, I don't seem to have the time to get to it all. I want to make mention of a few things, and I promise to come back and talk a little more in depth later on.

1. My thoughts on the season finale of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition are forthcoming. Overall, I enjoyed it. I thought it did a good job of showing Natives in a contemporary real-life light, despite the one comment by the British designer about the Indian guy just "vanishing" after he gave him a gift. Uh, yeah, maybe he just wandered over to the free snacks. Did you think of that? Seriously, would any other enthic group mysteriously "vanish"? I did learn one valuable lessons: Indians make white people cry..alot.

2. There's been a national forum on disenrollment held by members of California tribes. They argue their ouster is one of the fallouts of gaming. So is it legit or is it greed?

3. The Pueblo are finally getting props for kicking some major Spanish ass back in the day. There's a statue of Pope (that's Po-pay) going up in Washington D.C. this fall to commemorate the leader of the Pueblo revolt and get the story out there. I love the story of the Pueblo revolt, not just cause they are my peeps, but because they are a success story in the midst of so much sorrow in the history of Indians.

4. There's some Alaskan Native rappers making news.

5. The heat is righteously scorching the corrupt collective asses of Jack Abramoff and Grover Norquist. Let's just hope the flames flare and catch Delay and Ralph Reed before the inquiry fires fade. As their hightly unethical and potentially criminal treatment of Indian tribes comes under more scrutiny, Norquist whines that "[John] McCain hates me." So do I, so that's one thing me and McCain can agree on..

And those are the stories catching my attention today. Enjoy.


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