Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Red Lake Update II

All from Indianz.com

" The worst incident of school-related violence took an unusual turn on Monday with the disclosure that the son of Red Lake Nation Chairman Floyd Jourdain Jr. has been arrested and charged in connection with last week's deadly shootings."

Read article here.

"Breaking five days of silence on the worst incident of school-related violence since Columbine, President Bush dedicated part of his weekly radio address on Saturday to the shootings at the Red Lake Reservation in Minnesota.

"The remarks came after Bush made a five-minute call to Red Lake Chairman Floyd Jourdain Jr. on Friday morning. It was his first direct contact with an official from the tribe since "one of the darkest and most painful occurrences in the history of our tribe," as Jourdain said just hours after the shootings.

"Bush's silence contrasted with former President Bill Clinton's speedy response to the incident in Columbine, Colorado, that left 15 dead in 1999. And it was markedly different from his decision to break his vacation in Texas to go back to the White House and sign unprecedented legislation that allowed federal court intervention in the case of Terry Schiavo, a brain-damaged Florida woman."

Five days to respond? And then we get a five minute phone call? That's it? Too little, too late, Mr. President. But when have you ever cared about Indians?

Read article here.

Someone told me that a bald eagle flew over during a funeral at Red Lake and the newscasters at CNN were astounded. Everyone else expected it. That makes me smile.


Blogger Dr. Strangejazz said...

Please keep in mind when Columbine was middle class white kids and Red Lake is poor native Americans.

Can't get blood from a stone.

It's intertesting how all this is developing. It's amazing how quick the Feds are trying to find someone to blame instead of just looking at what would drive him to do such a thing.

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