Thursday, June 09, 2005

NAC's Going West, Too

Native American Calling is talking about Into the West on tomorrow's show.

from NAC:
"What is written in history books is often from the point of view of non-Natives. Imagine what Geronimo or Chief Seattle would have said if they wrote history books about the events that took place during their lifetimes. Turner Network Television is set to air a six-week mini-series on the settling of the American west. They hired Native advisors who helped in the accurate portrayal of Native people and they hired Native actors to play the parts of historical figures. How can non-Natives learn about the history of Native Americans from this television series? And how did the Native actors and advisors help portray the Native perspective? Guests to be announced."

Show airs Friday, June 10, 1-2 pm EST. Listen here online.


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Sounds interesting.

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