Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Welcome The Insolent and the Rocky

I've added a number of new blogs recently.

First up is the Insolent Indian.

This particular Indian is a good friend of mine with a sharp tongue and a keen wit. Watch out pretendians and wannabees. She's got your number and this Tsalagi woman doesnt mess around.

Second, I am happy to add Newspaper Rock, the Blog of Rob at Blue Corn Comics. Rob has long kept a vigilant eye on the portrayal of Indians in popular culture and the news. His website and his blog are must-reads and great resources for those neverending "But mascots are an honor" conversations you inevitably have with certain sports fans.

Welcome to you both.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Presidential Policy in Indian Country

The relationship between Indian nations and the federal government is a complicated one. We are not foreign nations, we are not states. We are, in the infamous words of Justice Marshall, "domestic dependent nations".

Now law scholars have discussed in depth exactly what that means, and lord knows it means less and less in the eyes of the current Supreme Court. But it does mean we have a unique relationship with the US feds, including the Executive Branch. So what the future president outlines are his or her policy in Indian Country is of great importance to us.

So here's the three remaining contenders' issue statements on Indian Country.