Wednesday, August 31, 2005

NDN humor on NS-NV

Indians are funny. I know we got a reputation as bein' all stoic, but Indian humor is some of the slyest, silliest, downright outrageous humor around. You can never be sure when Indians are making fun of you (almost always), and you can always be sure they're makin' fun of themselves. So if you're not that familiar with NDN humor, or you never get tired of frybread jokes, check out Native Sounds - Native Voices this week.


"Native Sounds - Native Voices special edition packed full of NDN Humor, so tune in to learn about counting coup on the highway, frybread songs, and powwow skits from the popular powwow group Tha Tribe and much more on Native Sounds - Native Voices" with your host "Kutchiak" John Gregg (Hopi/Inupiat)."

Feed Dates and Times (All Times are ET):
Tuesday - 8/30/05: 10am, 4pm, 10pm
Wednesday - 8/31/05: 4am
Saturday - 9/3/05: 5pm
Sunday - 9/4/05: 6am, 5pm
Monday - 9/5/05: 6am

Click here to listen.


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