Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hugo Chavez is my Boyfriend

Ok, Chavez isn't really my boyfriend, but I am starting to love him like he is.

From Indian Country Today:

Venezuela offers support to indigenous

"While setting new global standards for the recognition of indigenous rights in Venezuela, President Hugo Chavez has made an offer to bring low-cost gasoline to the poor in the United States, including American Indian tribal communities.

''There is an offer on the table for low-cost heating oil and gasoline for poor communities in the United States,'' said Robert Free Galvan, who is contacting tribes in the United States with Venezuela's offer.

''Hopefully, Indian tribes and Native entities will take advantage of this opportunity to become stronger in the global community.''
"Venezuela owns CITGO Petroleum Corp., which has eight refineries in the United States, and has set aside up to 10 percent of its refined oil products to be sold directly to organized poor communities, and institutions in the United States without intermediaries. ""

I think Chavez's offer is provocative, even if only for the rhetoric. The whole idea of Native American nations dealing directly with other world nations without the US as an intermediary is an extraordinary one to me. I have often thought that Native nations need to become more involved in the larger international community of indigenous peoples, including looking to international law to hold the US government's feet to the fires of justice. The sad fact is that I am not convinced that Natives will ever receive justice in their oppressor's courts and the more I learn in law school, the more this belief is confirmed. Not that I am convinced that international human rights law is particularly enforceable, at least in its current incarnation. But if we can expand the arena of dialogue and ally ourselves with other indigenous nations, perhaps we are more likely to be respected. And if we are respected, maybe we will be heard.


Anonymous Edgar Brown said...

Though I can clearly see the skepticism in your post, and I can see the advantages of the proposal in an ideal world (and coming from someone else).
The title of your entry makes me shiver. If you read a bit more of what Chávez is doing to his own people you would see the Native American legal plight pale in comparison. See: Daniel, Miguel, or even me.

I would consider using Clinton's foundation as a much more viable, and trully beneficial option (check this to see why). Now, if you want to make him your boyfriend, that's another story ;) .

8:50 AM  
Blogger themarigoldtrail said...

Thank you Edgar! This was exactly the type of response I as hoping to elicit. I will definitely check out the blogs you mention and let you know what I think.

And Clinton's been my boyfriend for years. That's true love, baby. :)

1:03 PM  
Blogger cethirien said...

Edgar Brown's post clearly reflects the rage of the white elite from losing their privileges under Chavez, who is leading a revolution from below -- of the mixed race and indigenous of his country. That is why he, also of indigenous descent, along with Evo Morales, the first ever indigenous leader in the Americas since the conquest, are heading up the continental resurgence.

In fact, they aren't even losing any privileges, as they are doing will in Venezuela's supercharged economy. They just can't stand having a leader who isn't white in charge for a change. Chavez is also a unique figure, perhaps the only one who is presenting and speaking frankly about viable solutions to the world's problems.

So whatever those forked tongue right-wing bloggers are babbling on about, please ignore.

1:05 AM  

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