Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Katrina's Impact in Indian Country

I know mainstream media won't cover it, but, as always, lets us know about the six federally recognized tribes that were in the path of Katrina and how Indian Country is stepping up to help them.

I'm happy to hear the National Indian Gaming Association has set up a fund to help tribes in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi that were affected by Hurricane Katrina and hope to raise $1 million towards relief efforts. Gaming always gets a bad name in the mainstream press (because I guess gambling is bad when Indians run the show, but OK when rich white corporations do it), so I am glad to see they are stepping up and helping the community.

The National Congress of American Indians is co-ordinating donations to the Gulf area tribes and has been working to contact and aid the tribes in that area. They are having mixed success, I gather, with phone lines and electricity still out and some tribes still have not been contacted. It appears the Mississippi Band of Choctaw suffered the most damage. also reports that many individual tribes are helping out as well:

"The Choctaw Nation is donating all of its Labor Day gaming profits and a week's worth of fuel sales to the disaster effort.

"The Muscogee Creek Nation is working directly with Bogalusa, Louisiana, to provide supplies to the city.

"The Cherokee Nation sent 50 firefighters and is sending food and water for the Mississippi Choctaws to distribute.

"The Miami, Tonkawa and Kaw tribes are making donations to the Red Cross.

"In Montana, the Gros Ventre and Assiniboine tribes on the Fort Belknap Reservation are donating buffalo meat and are starting a drive for clothing, blankets and other essentials."

The list goes on.


Anonymous Sette said...

I used to read The help they are receiving makes me so proud, to see other first nationers helping each other.

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